History of Psionics on Ghoraja Juun: Psionics have a bit of a unique history on Ghoraja Juun. The exact date when psionics came into existence is unknown, but research by various scholars/sages put it at approximately 1453 A.G. It is known that the discovery/creation of psioncs is a direct result of the research and experiments of Deneba Senthyr, a renowned mage of that time. Deneba began experimenting with alternative methods of speeding up the spell casting process. This then led into other methods of accessing and manipulating the Cynoeth (the magical flows which surround the planet). Deneba was convinced that a way could be found to produce spell-like effects without the constraints of various components and formulae as magic was currently done.

After several years of research and experimentation, with little actual success, Deneba received what she deemed an 'intellectual epiphany' from a being she described as 'angelic'.

"The answer lies within," the figure said, "you must delve deep into your inner-self, unlearn what you know and believe. Release your mind from the constraints the teachings of the past have bound it in."

What followed was a series of visions of Deneba traveling down long, dark corridors periodically blocked by complex locking mechanisms. With each lock she opened the answers to her research slowly became clearer, but the deeper into herself she traveled, the greater the effort that was required. After some nights she would wake completely exhausted, at times unable to even move. But the answers were there, she could picture them in her mind. The basic concepts of what she was trying to accomplish were there, all she had to do was master them.

Her waking hours were spent attempting to make use of the concepts she had come to understand. One night, after many exhausting months, her vision brought her to a mechanism unlike any other she had previously encountered, a pulsing mosaic comprised of what appeared to be various precious gems. Deneba sensed that the pattern was wrong, to pass she must put the mosaic in order.

For what seemed like days she manipulated the various gem pieces, each failure bring her intense pain and magnifying her exhaustion well beyond normal limits. But finally, when pain and exhaustion had become almost unbearable the mosaic came together. As the last gem piece slid into place the pain and exhaustion flowed from her body like water down a peaceful stream. In a final great, flaring pulse of light the mosaic shattered, the pieces piercing her body. As each piece entered her body, all the concepts she had learned began to assemble in a puzzle-like manner. When she woke though her body was physically spent but her mind felt refreshed. As though all the doors were open and a cool spring breeze had flowed through her brain and wiped away all the cobwebs and dust.

Over the next 12 years Deneba formed the basic tenants of psionics as they are currently known. As she discovered new abilities, she began grouping related skills into various 'sciences' and/or 'disciplines'. Deneba categorized all the various skills into two distinct paths of learning; the Sarinnian (named for her mother); was the more cerebral path, dealing with Clairsentience, Telepathy, etc. The Drasuthian path (named for her father) encompassed those skills that affected the physical world; Psychokinetic, Psychometabolic, Psychoportive, etc. During this period her skills with more 'mundane' magic as she now considered it, atrophied. She could still cast spells, but she found that there were few spells which she could not develop a psionic equivalent or substitute for. Now what she needed was students.

Deneba spent the next several years searching for students, concentrating mostly in the community of mages where she still had contacts. Most of those she found were unable to free themselves of the bindings of their teachings and ultimately failed. Then along came Agemon, a young, aspiring mage who could 'see' the cynoeth without the use of spell, but could not keep the symbols and formulae of typical spell casting within his mind. After years of failure with various teachers Agemon came to Deneba. He took to Deneba's teachings like the proverbial fish to water, never had she seen someone to whom psionics came so naturally. Agemon mastered every skill with astonishing ease. Deneba, like an overly proud parent, heaped her praise upon him.

Though easily mastering any psionic skill Agemon seemed to have a special affinity toward the Drasuthian path. His skill and power in psychokinetics being particularly noteworthy. Over the next several years Deneba and Agemon continued to develop new psionic skills and seek out new students. Deneba soon allowed Agemon to do much of the actual teaching, only taking on those students who particularly caught her notice.

Inevitably there came a time when Deneba's and Agemon's philosophies began to separate. Agemon wanted his students to wander out in the world, seek adventure and use their abilities as they saw fit. Deneba felt that those psionically gifted should remain in the background, continually developing their skills with little worldly interaction. This philosophical difference ultimately developed into a rift that couldn't be closed. Agemon gathered those students who agreed with him and left to find their own way.

Eventually Agemon and his followers settled and a school for psionics was founded. Before her death in 1545 B.G. Deneba sought out Agemon in an attempt to close the rift that had grown between them. What she found appalled her, Agemon had become twisted and bitter. Once his school was well established, he had begun research in a direction she had never dared go. He had attempted to trancend death and become a 'psionic lich', but the attempt had failed. Agemon's mind had been severely damaged by his attempt, most of his skills were gone. Though he could still manipulate small objects in the simplest of manners. Deneba left and died soon after knowing he greatest student had also become her one great failure. Agemon's end is unknown, it is assumed he died several years after Deneba, but no evidence has surfaced to prove it.

Psionics in Present-Day Ghoraja Juun: Though psionics are now an accepted 'school' of magic, the use of psionics today is as rare as it was at their initial discovery. The mental skill and strength required are rare and most of those that do try fail miserably. There are two main established schools that have descended from Deneba and Agemon.

The Halls of Mental Harmony, attached to the Tower Illuminate (outside Videssos), is the home of the Senthyrites. Named after the matriarch of psionics, the Senthyrites generally keep to themselves and spend much of their time in research and experimenting with new devotions or sciences. They are not adventurous and generally travel only when absolutely necessary. There is a small faction among the Senthyrites who consider themselves a sort of 'psionic police force'. This group, known a the 'Guardians of the Mosaic', travel the world seeking out those who attempt to abuse their gift, and steer them down the "proper path". A majority of the Senthyrites follow the Sarinnian path.

The second school, known simply as 'The Academy', is the school founded by Agemon after his split with Deneba. It is located within the city of Avenor in south-central Ashtalarea. Members of the Academy often refer to themselves as "Wardens of the Way". The Warden's are generally more adventuresome, and many take on other skills once they have mastered the basic teachings of the Academy.

There is a large faction within the Academy who are talented warriors as well as accomplished psionicists. This faction is known as the 'Knights of Agemon'. Named for the founder of the Academy. This group is well known for upholding justice, the rights of the poor and downtrodden, and hunting down those psionicists who would use their talents for 'evil' purposes.

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