Queen Sylvestria Rillithane

The Flower of Telperion

Little is known of the Queen of the Sea Elves, her beauty is legendary, and she is said to be a bard of great skill. Sylvestria has rarely left Telperion and prefers its serene surroundings to the hustle and bustle of the civilizations of men. She is greatly cherished by her people as well as her husband the king.

Sylvestria stands 5'10" tall, her hair is a wavy mass of fiery red with golden highlights that hands to her waist, her eyes the same brilliant green as her husbands. At 450, Sylverstria is slightly older than the king, despite this she is one of Dalamar's closest advisors and his full confidence to make decisions when he is away on one of his infrequent trips.

Sylvestria typically wears gowns of green hue that always seem to enhance her exotic beauty. She often performs at court functions, and these performances are greatly anticipated. Although an accomplished combatant she generally dislikes fighting. She has yet to understand her daughters fanaticism with the arts of war. She rarely uses offensive spells, preferring those of a defensive or information gathering nature. She is rumoured to be fluent in over 20 languages including; Entish, Dwarven Runes, Draconic and Celestial.

Stat block: (Female Taydarin Elf - L16 Bard)

Magic Items:
Bracers of Defense AC6
Galanarys - Quarter Staff +2, Spell Turning

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