Ragnar Danneskjold

Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy:

One has but to look at Ragnar to see he is of nordheim decent. He is tall and well-built (6'4" 240 lbs.) with shoulder-length blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. He is very young (38) to hold his office, but there is little doubt as to his abilities. Rarely is Ragnar found on dry land, preferring to spend his time at sea aboard his flag ship, the Winter Wind. He leaves much of the day-to-day running of the Aquaticon to his chief aide, Royce Cabra, who he communicates with via special magical scrying crystals created for him by the Battle Mages.

Ragnar's loyalties are first, to his crews and their ships, then his family, and finally the empire. He cares little who actually sits on the throne, unless they start toying around with his beloved navy. He is a favorite with officers and seaman alike. His punishments are harsh, but fair, intending more to teach the offending party a lesson than do any lasting physical or mental harm.

He maintains a heated rivalry with Sanveras Blacktower over which armed service is the best. The few times that the two have met they have nearly come to blows.

Ragnar typically dresses in a simple, but high quality white shirt, dark blue pants, and sharkskin boots dyed a deep black. He often wears a simple white headband to keep his hair out of his face. In colder weather, he dons a heavy wool coat, the same blue as his pants with his house crest embroidered on one sleeve and the imperial naval crest on the other. On the rare occasions he attends court he bears his staff of office, a gold inlaid bronze trident.

Stat block: (L13 Ftr)

Magic Items
Bastard Sword +2/+3 -vs- Sahuagin
Bracers of Defense +5 Armor
+1 Dagger
Ring of Water Breathing
Ring of Free Action

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