(the Fire Lord, Lord of the Burning Sands, the Sun Lord, the Sunstar)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Sunburst
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Eversun
Superior: None
Portfolio: Deserts, Elemental Fire, Sun
Alignment: CN

Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Chaos, Desert, Endurance, Fire, Purification, Sun
Favored Weapon: Lance or Spear
Major Houses of Worship: Citadel of the Sun
Militant Orders: Knights of the Sun

Avatar Appearance:

  • A lanky, dusky-skinned man with flames for hair and burning red eyes, wears robes of red, yellow, and orange that smolder and flicker with flame. Carries a flaming spear in his right hand and a sunburst in his left.
  • A searing sunburst
  • A huge fire elemental

History & Relationships: Rhadyn can be both liked and hated by his fellow deities. He can be gracious, polite and kind one moment, and the next he can be cantankerous, cruel and rude. The rest of the pantheon has gotten used to his ever changing moods, but few will spend any length of time with him.

Because of his ever-changing moods, Rhadyn has few true friends or allies unless there is a need. The Fire Lord is a potent ally and there are few beings that incite any kind of fear in him.

One of his adversaries amongst the other deities is Tomival, the contention between them is not so much from a dislike of one another as it is that they are nearly opposites. There very natures repel each other. Rhadyn has an intense hatred for Dyrge as they fought long, terrible battles during the Gods Fall Wars.

Dogma: TBD

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