Sanveras Blacktower

Grand War Marshall of the Imperial Legions

The pre-eminent military mind in all the empire, Sanveras Blacktower is a major force in Seynorean politics. He is one of the most outspoken critics of the current emperor, and retains his position only because of his skill, knowledge and insight in all military matters. He is thus far undefeated in battle and has brought and holds the Imperial Legions to the highest standards. Despite his dislike for and criticism of the emperor. Sanveras like Ulrich Rowe, will do whatever he deems necessary to protect the empire and its people. Sanveras splits his time equally between the Emerald Court, leading his troops in the field, and helping manage his family's fortunes.

Sanveras is a short, stocky man (5'6" 180 lbs.), but powerfully built. He keeps himself in tremendous physical shape and will often participate in drills with his troops. Though only 42 years old, his hair has gone prematurely grey. He keeps it cut short and away from his face and storm cloud colored eyes. He has a fiery temper and little tolerance for stupidity or a lack of common sense. He is affectionately known to his troops as "the little thunderstorm".

He is never without his badge of office, a black steel helmet with its platinum eagle clutching a sword and lance crest. He is rarely seen not wearing his jet black suit of enchanted plate armor. He carries several weapons on him at all times and has reached grand master skill level with the short sword.

Stat block: (L14 Ftr)

Magic Items
+1 Plate Armor
+1 Medium Shield
+3 Short Sword
Ring - Teleport No Error 1/day (3 specific locations: Quarters in Imperial Palace, Office in Legionarium, Location of personal battle standard)

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