Shadoan Cloudreader

Shadoan, the "Mistress of Mysteries" at the Shrine of the Dreamer, is the highest ranking member of the Church of Nymdyl. Shadoan is q quiet, contemplative woman who spends much of her time in a dream-like trance exploring the mysteries of other planes of existence and communing with her god. She leaves much of the day-to-day operations of the church to her subordinates, who only bring the most import decisions to her attention. On rare occasions she has met with the Overlord, but the nature of these discussions are unknown. The Church of Nymdyl has little interest in political affairs, and though Shadoan is concerned with the growing influence of Katassah and the dark market, she is thus far unwilling to take any direct action against them.

Shadoan is a middle aged woman, though still quite beautiful, and quite powerful for her small size (5'3" 110 lbs). Her hair is platinum blonde, almost white, and here eyes are jet black. She has a mysterious aura about her that many find unfathomable or even unsettling. She dresses in the shimmering robes her order is famous for, but fore go's the mirrored mask that many of them favor. Shadoan is on good terms with most of the clergy in Khatovar, rumor's have her romantically linked with Khaldar Starmantle, the high priest of Tomival.

Stat block: (Female Opakan L16 Prst - Nymdyl)

Magic Items
Robe of Scintillating Colors
2x Wands of Illusion
Bracers of Defense +8 Armor
Crystal Ball

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