Society Of The Ankh

General Info

Due to their church's aggressive stance against Dyrge and the undead, the Society of the Ankh is dedicated to the destruction of all undead creatures. This is a never-ending struggle, but one which the society pursues vehemently. Most members of the society travel alone or will join various adventurer's groups. They are obligated to report in to a chapter house once every three months if possible.

A partnership of sorts exists between the Society and Illuvatar's Phoenix Knights and they will assist the other when having to deal with liches, powerful necromancers and the like.

The society only accepts into its ranks orphans, or those who have lost their families. There are rare exceptions to this rule, but those are few and far between. The training to become a member of the Society is an intense process that takes a minimum of 10 years to complete. Initiates in training are exposed to all manners of horror both mental as well as physical. They are pushed to their utmost limits as this is the only way which they can become resistant to the dark forces that they must continually combat. They also receive an extensive education in the martial arts and must memorize the general appearance, habits, tendencies, etc. of all types of all known types of undead. Those that fail, body and mind shattered, endure horrible nightmares and are continually cared for by the Society

The Society has no formal rankings, the leader is elected by the membership and serves until their death, they step down or are unable to actively continue their duties.

The society's headquarters is a large fortified tower complex located outside of Osengaard.

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