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Telperion, which roughly translates to "Beloved Home" from high Elvish is the homeland of the sea-faring Taydarin (Sea/Grey) Elves. Until recently, few of any race, even other elven races, have been allowed onto the islands. In 2008 AG the clerics and monks of the Berothian temple in Ard were graced with the presence of Lord Gildor Damodred, chief librarian and historian to their majesties King Dalyamar and Queen Sylvestria. Lord Gildor informed them that, "It was their majesties wish to eliminate some of the fear and misunderstanding of the 'Beloved Home' and its inhabitants. While at the same time maintaining our desired privacy."


Telperion and its smaller companion island, Taramir (translates roughly to 'Mountainous Island' from high Elvish), lie approximately 500 miles west of the Seynorean city of Vhaalzein. Telperion is a heavily forested island, home to nearly every non-tropical species of tree on Ghoraja Juun. From majestic oaks, to towering red woods, to the extremely rare gildon, these great forests cover approximately 75-80% of the island.

While numerous small glades and clearings abound throughout the forests, there are but two larges areas mostly devoid of trees. One of these clearings surrounds the city of Raedis, located on the western shore of a deep bay. The other encompasses the Taydarin capital city of Arvandor. In these clearings various herds of live stock and horses are raised and farming is done.

There is a sizable range of hills on the western side of Telperion, what little actual mining the Taydarin elves do takes place in here. On the eastern side of the island is the Bay if Fyngold, named for the most famous of all Taydarin captains. The approaches and entrance to this bay are guarded by a vast maze of coral reefs. On the southernmost tip of the island is a vast marsh comprised of floating islets, grottoes, etc. It is nearly as complex a maze as that guarding the Bay of Fyngold. Located in the north central part of the island is Lake Teleri (Beloved Water). The lake is crystal clear and abundantly stocked with various fresh water fish, though the Taydarins view it as a holy place and do not fish in it. A large, peaceful river, the eri' Llaseen, flows south from Lake Teleri through the marsh and out into the sea. A second river flows east of the hills and joins the first river near the center of the island. A fortified tower occupies a small island directly in the center of the convergence of the two rivers.

Taramir is vastly different from its larger counterpart. The island is almost completely covered with various ranges of hills and mountains. it is a vast source of minerals and precious metals. There are several small groves of trees scattered along the northern, western, and southern coasts. There are several sea caves hidden along the eastern shoreline, and the Taydarins fiercely guard their locations. They use these caves to hide ships and for access to various mines.


Despite what many might think, the weather on Telperion and Taramir is not eternally perfect. The islands fell the effects of all four seasons, just to lesser extent. This is due to a combination of abnormally warm currents that surround the islands, and the influence of ancient Taydarin magic.

The temperature rarely rises above 80° in the height of summer, and rarely drops below 35° in winter. The average temperature on Telperion is roughly 65°, with only a slight drop on Taramir except at extreme heights in the mountains.

Notable Personages:

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Though Telperion is recognized as the homeland of the Taydarin elves, an exact census on its inhabitants has never been done. It is estimated that approximately 100-120,000 elves make their homes on the two islands.

  • See the Taydarin entry under Races for more information.
  • Other Elven Sub-races - There is a small enclave of Maydarin elves living in Raedis and two small clans of Syndarin elves living in the forests.
  • Voadkyn (Wood Giants) - Several large families of Voadkyn make their home on Telperion. Approximately 50-60 of these creatures dwell in the vast forests. They can typically be found in the company of the Syndarin elf clans. The Voadkyn have an agreement with the elves to assist in the defense of the island in exchange for small quantities of gems and magical items.
  • Centaurs - Several tribes (herds) of these man-horse hybrids patrol the forests of Telperion. They generally keep to themselves, though they will at times join the elves in some of their celebrations. They also have an agreement with the elves to help in the defense of the island.
  • Brownies, Faerie Dragons, Dryads, Leprechauns, Nymphs, Satyrs, Sprites, Pixies, Nixies, etc. - Various amounts of these creatures dwell across Telperion (and to a limited extent on Taramir). For the most part they keep to themselves, though they will at times join the elves in various celebrations. Some, especially the Faerie Dragons and Leprechauns, love to play various tricks on the elves. The Taydarins generally take these tricks with good humor, as long as they don't get excessive.
  • Treants (Ents) - Several treants and two of their more ancient and powerful cousins dwell among the forests of Telperion. The elves know of the tree shepherds, but rarely bother them except in the most dire of circumstances. The treants and ents do not hesitate to assist in the defense of the island.
  • Unicorns and Pegasus - Both of the herds of these beautiful creatures are ruled by a unique being, Kabayo, an ebony Unicorn-Pegasus hybrid created by Elvaara. Both herds take an active part in defending the island(s), acting as both aerial and regular cavalry mounts for the elves.
  • Dwarves - In approximately 2345 AG a small clan of Stone Dwarves, Clan StormHammer, fleeing from an orc horde who had overwhelmed their clanhold, found their way through the Realm Below into the vast cavern complex beneath the mountains of Taramir. The managed to collapse/block/barricade all of the entrances to the Realm Below and save what remained of the clan. They had dwelled on Taramir for several years before being discovered by a Taydarin patrol destined for one of the giant eagle aeries.

Defenders of the Realm:

Telperion and Taramir have a vast array of defenses both magical and mundane. There are aerial, ground and naval forces as well as other special guardians unique to the islands. The Taydarins take the defense of their homeland very seriously, and will do whatever they deem necessary to keep it safe.

Notable Places:

The islands of Telperion and Taramir are home to many unique and interesting locations.

Partial High Elven - Common Lexicon

tel - beloved
syn - wood(s)/tree(s)
nar - tower
perion - home
drialys - crown
quessil - enchantment/magic
darin - people
rilyth - heart
aerivan - winged
tay - sea
lorin - forest
tylanin - defender(s)/guard(s)
may - high
veantyr - hawk
rilhanyr - sky

tara - island
veris - blade
zar - mage(s)/wizard(s)
mir - mountain(ous)
ny' - of the/the
fyr - wind
eri - water/aquatic
lera - company
sevanyr - rider(s)
nay - not/non
caris - talon/claw
llaseen - wyrm(s)/dragon(s)
illesan - royal
cwell - horse
findela - shepherd
sytheran - fiend(s)/demon(s)
yuloth - bane/scourge

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