The Overlord

Little is known of the Overlord other than he/she/it is a mage of considerable power. From it's general body shape and size the Overlord appears to be male, probably human or elven, but this easily could be a magically assumed form. Typically when making an appearance the Overlord is dressed in loose black robes with blue trim, black leather boots, hood, and mask. The Overlord normally carries their badge of office, the Scorponox, a jeweled, mithral scepter approximately two and a half feet long, topped an onyx carved in the shape of a scorpion. The Scorponox is known to have numerous magical properties. Several attempts have been made to steal the item, but thus far none have been successful. The guilty parties were made a public example; hanged and magically flayed in the square outside the inner city gate. Besides the Scorponox, the Overlord has numerous magical items at their disposal.

The current Overlord has presided over many years of prosperity. The iron-fisted rule of the past has been replaced with a more even-handed one., though the tyrant still resides within the walls of Scorpion's Lair. The 'business arrangement' with Katassah of the Dark Market still holds, though recently tensions between the two have grown.

Stat block: (L20 Wiz/2 ArcMage)

Magic Items
Scorponox - ???

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