Ulrich Rowe

Imperial High Battle Mage & Master of the Tower Arcane

A graduate of the Castle of Controlling Power, Ulrich Rowe has brought the Imperial Battle Mages to new heights of prominence. House Rowe has long been an ally of House Corryno, so it was only natural that the emperor name him Imperial High Battle Mage. Ulrich is quiet much of the time, but when angered is a terrible sight to behold. He is disliked or even hated by many nobles of the court, but doesn't much care what opinions others may hold of him. Numerous times he has publicly dressed-down nobles who he believes have over-stepped their bounds.

Ulrich is an imposing figure (6'3" 250 lbs), he keeps his blonde hair cropped short, and his eyes are a piercing steel-blue. He generally wears robes of deep black with gold trim, a heavy black belt and soft, black leather boots. He carry's a sturdy oak staff topped with a silver rams head.

Ulrich has taken Prince Garion as his apprentice/student and is impressed with the young royal's progress and potential. Ulrich has very little to do with his family anymore, his continuing study of magic and the welfare of the realm have become his primary responsibilities. He will do whatever he deems necessary to protect the empire, and damn the consequences. As head of the Imperial Battle Mages, Ulrich has access to numerous magic items. His rooms occupy the highest levels of the central spire of the Tower Arcane.

Around his neck he wears his badge of office, a platinum pendant and chain. The pendant is inlaid with numerous tiny gems depicting a black eagle clutching a staff and lightning bolt.

Stat block: (L18 Wiz)

Magic Items
Robe of the Arch magi
+4 Ring of Protection
+3 Staff
Ring of Wizardry (doubles 4th & 5th level spells)
Badge of Office (25% Magic Resistance; Immunity to Possession, Level Draining & Soul Displacement; Teleport No Error 1x/day)

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