Wardens Of The White Lady

General Info

Dedicated to the protection and defense of the weak, the Wardens of the White Lady (Wardens for short) are greatly revered and one of, if not the pre-eminent force for 'good' on Ghoraja Juun. Members of the Wardens are obligated to help the needy, the week, those that cannot protect themselves from the 'darker' sides of civilization. They give money to the poor, when traveling they will sop and help anyone who shows need. A member of the Wardens will often recieve free room and board when travelling, though they must offer to pay if possible.

Wardens are not trained, but often summoned by the goddess herself or one of her representatives. The new warden is/will be drawn to the nearest temple of Iridala where they most spend a month of fasting and praying to the goddess. To represent oneself falsely is nearly impossible as higher ranking members of the church have been granted a special ability to detect those who are not true in their desire to join. After this initial period the new potential Warden will be sent off to the Motherhouse, White Shield Tower, located outside of the city of Estonar. Here the 'applicant' will be tested a second time, an intense battery of ethical questions is presented by a panel of the order's leading members. This is not specifically a pass or fail test as their are no right or wrong answers, it is more a gage of the individuals character, how they react in given situations, and do their ideals match that of the Wardens. Should the applicant be deemed to have the appropriate "character" they will be welcomed into the order. Those deemed unfit, will be returned home at the Warden's expense.

Newly recognized Wardens are given the following; a simple necklace comprising of a silken cord from which hangs a dove carved from the purest ivory, and their armor will undergo a special treatment which will bleach it the purest white and keeps dirt, rust, blood, etc from clinging to it.

The Warden's are a somewhat informal organization, and are grouped into five rankings;

  • Knight of the Shield
  • Knight Defender
  • Knight Guardian
  • Knight Protector
  • Knight Warden

Progression through the rankings is generally determined by elder members of the group and takes into account years of service, and deeds accomplished. A warden's current ranking is notes by a intricately wrought brooch that also acts as a cloak clasp. The order is nominally headed by the eldest living member.

The Wardens have a fierce and bitter rivalry with the Brotherhood of the Skull. Such hatred exists between the two groups that they will usually attack one another on sight.

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