(the Harvest Queen, the Great Mother)


Divine Rank/Status: Intermediate Power
Symbol: Cornucopia
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - The Great Plantation
Superior: None
Portfolio: Agriculture, Cycle of Life, Domestication, Farmers, Farming, Halflings, Harvest
Alignment: NG

Cleric Alignments: Any non-evil
Domains: Earth, Feast, Halfling, Life, Plant, Renewal, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon: Nunchuk or Tonfa
Major Houses of Worship: Harvest Hall
Militant Orders: N/A

Avatar Appearance:

  • An aging, slightly plump, yet attractive woman, with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Wears a simple green and blue dress, carries a cornucopia in her left hand.
  • A giant overflowing cornucopia

History & Relationships: Without the efforts of Zamora and her clergy, many would have died during Gods Fall of starvation. She alone of any deity held Ghoraja Juun together.

Nearly all the goddesses view her as their unofficial leader and spokesperson as she is willing to confront any deity if she feels the need. Only Thempys has the ability to intimidate her, and he does this only when he feels that she has 'crossed the line,' which rarely happens.

Tykhoor is her fiercest enemy and this hatred has filtered down to the races they patronize, as the Dagaat and Halflings will generally attack one another on sight.

Dogma: TBD

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