(the Earth Lord, Lord Under the Mountains, the Gem King)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Ornate Pickaxe
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - the Glittering Caverns
Superior: None
Portfolio: Caverns/Caves, Dwarves, Elemental Earth, Gems, Miners/Mining, Mountains
Alignment: N

Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Metal, Strength
Favored Weapon: Pick
Major Houses of Worship: Crystal Cavern
Militant Orders: N/A

Avatar Appearance:

  • A stocky male dwarf with stone like skin, veins of precious ore criss-cross his body. He is bald with diamonds for eyes and teeth of iron. Carries a huge ornate pickaxe.
  • A huge earth elemental

History & Relationships: Zur once served Moradin as his shield bearer, he loyally followed his lord wherever he has needed. During Gods Fall the Dwarven Gods were sorely pressed by an alliance of the Goblinoid deities, and were in severe danger. Moradin commanded each of his fellow gods to give up a part of their divine essence to him. He then infused Zur with this combined essence, elevating him to godhood. Moradin then commanded Dumathoin to place Zur deep in the earth in a magically induced sleep. This was to preserve part of the pantheon for the future should they fall. Unfortunately Moradin's worst fears came true and the Dwarven Gods were destroyed.

Near the end of Gods Fall Zur emerged from his magically induced sleep and revealed himself to the dwarf races. Moradin and the other dwarven gods had left omens and prophecies amongst their clergy foretelling of Zur's appearance. Zur fought several battles near the end of the wars, but was only really ever challenged by Chyronn. Zur and the Storm Lord fought several terrible battles with neither realistically able to claim victory. In time he took his place with the other remaining deities in the pantheon.

Since his emergence Zur largely stays out of the affairs of the rest of the pantheon. He has few if any friends among the other deities and his only really allies are Thordonar and Anagon. He has an agreement with Thordonar to provide some dwarven souls to work in the great forge in exchange for various items. As noted above his one true enemy is Chyronn.

He is secretly working to bring the gnomish race back to Ghoraja Juun, which he believes if successful, will give him the additional power and influence he needs to best Chyronn.

Dogma: TBD

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